Building technology to create the largest publicly available knowledge graph



The ISI Datamart project is building technology to create the largest publicly available knowledge graph to power data-driven models in a wide variety of domains. At the core of Datamart is Wikidata, a publicly available knowledge graph that already contains over 60 million entities, and thanks to a vibrant community of contributors it is growing at a rate of about 5 edits per second. Datamart will enable communities of interest to build satellite knowledge graphs that contain detailed knowledge in domains of interest. The enabler technologies includes an architecture for combining public data with private data kept within an organization's firewall, and tools to automate the ETL process required to syntactically and semantically align the data in millions of spreadsheets and CSV files to the Wikidata semantic representation. The current Datamart prototype satellites focus on development and crime indicators, and are serving the needs of applications in the DARPA D3M, CauseEx and World Modelers programs.




Datamart is a project in the DARPA D3M program, supported by United States Air Force under Contract No. FA8650-17-C-7715