The Scalable Coordinated Human-centered Automated Resilient Planning (SCHARP) project, funded by DARPA, aims to develop planning, scheduling, and monitoring technology to maximize effectiveness of air operations in a peer-threat contested environment. Large air operations involve are highly complex requiring days of planning cycles. They involve more than 1000 aircraft, which generate large amount of data during execution. We are developing execution monitoring system by leveraging Karma technology, which enables rapid integration of heterogeneous data sources (relational, CSV, XML, JSON) to produce efficiently queryable data stores. We have developed an extensible framework to create an integrated semantic view of the messages by developing an ontology, creating models for message types, and building a message processing system to process large amounts of data. Our system dynamically estimates the state of the world based on the operational scenario data, plan, and messages received. It generates alerts when execution doesn't occur as planned and intervention may be required. We plan to expand the system to support monitoring when the planning cells are distributed and have limited connectivity. We are developing algorithms to create best state estimates when messages are missing, and prioritize message traffic between cells when bandwidth is limited.