Craig Knoblock

Research Director, Information Integration

Research Professor of Computer Science and Spatial Sciences

Associate Director of Informatics


Craig Knoblock is a Research Professor in both Computer Science and Spatial Sciences at the University of Southern California (USC), Research Director of Information Integration at the Information Sciences Institute, and Associate Director of Informatics Program at USC.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University and his Master’s and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in computer science. His research focuses on techniques related to information integration and the Semantic Web for describing, acquiring, and exploiting the semantics of data. He has published more than 250 journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers on these topics.

Dr. Knoblock is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), a Distinguished Scientist of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), a Senior Member of IEEE, past President and Trustee of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), and winner of the 2014 Robert S. Engelmore Award.





Technologies for building domain-specific knowledge graphs


A data integration tool

Linked Maps

Exploiting Context in Cartographic Evolutionary Documents to Extract and Build Linked Spatial-Temporal Datasets

Semantic Modeling

Automatically building semantic descriptions of sources


Extract information to find relationship among 500,000 private and public firms


Automatically adapting to changes and failures in sensors


Integrate data from multiple-sources, provide common operating picture, and issue alerts for large air operations


Predicting Cyber attacks by mining online sources

American Art Collaborative

Creating linked data for cultural heritage data from American art museums

Unsupervised Data Integration

Automatic integration of the data for the City of Los Angeles



Entity Extractors

Easily extract features from free text using Amazon Mechanical Turk

Source Modeling

Data Integration: Prometheus Framework

Entity Linkage

Map Discovery

Geospatial Information Fusion

Map Extraction

Mashup Construction

Information Extraction

Extraction from unstructured, ungrammatical data sources


Geospatial Data Integration



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Q: Do you have any openings for students for internships, directed research projects, or paid positions?

A: I do take on students both for all of these positions. To apply, follow the link that I post prior to each semester on my Twitter feed. The decisions about these positions will be made at the beginning of the each semester and in the spring for summer.

Q: Do you have any openings for full-time researches or post-docs?

A: Yes, we do have openings in the Information Integration Group for both post-docs and full-time researchers. You can apply here: We review applications for positions twice a year.

Q: Do you have any summer internships for undergraduate students?

A: I do take undergraduates to do summer internships, but I only take them through the USC Viterbi Internship Programs: There are programs there for both domestic students and international students. If you are eligible, please apply through one of those programs and indicate you are interested in working with me. I don’t handle undergraduate applications directly.

Q: I’m interesting and doing my Ph.D. with you. Do you have any openings for doctoral students?

A: I’m always looking for strong students to join my group. To apply, the first step is to apply to the USC Ph.D. program in computer science. Make sure you list me as one of the faculty members you are interested in working with on the web site and this will ensure that I see your application after it is reviewed by the admissions committee. I will not be able to review your CV in advance of applying to the program to tell you whether you should apply.

Q: Are there any scholarships available for the master’s degrees?

A: Yes, USC does have a scholarship program for the master’s degrees. You can find the details on this page:


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